Meet the Woofers!

Meet our three woofers!

Freddie (on the left) is a liver and white pedigree cocker spaniel. She is 3 years old and the ultimate pampered pooch. She loves nothing more than a good puddle, chasing a rabbit or squirrel and digging out the mole hills – although she has never successfully found any moles. When she isn’t out exploring, at any opportunity she gets, she can be found buried in the duvet or curled up under a blanket. A true cocker spaniel, she will hoover most food up of the kitchen floor and will happily wait for hours in case a teeny tiny scrap should fall of your plate!

We loved Freddie so much we decided to add a mini me to the collection. In the middle we have Mavis or May for short. She is also a pedigree cocker spaniel and Freddie’s sister from a different litter.  At 1 year old she is still very much a playful puppy and testing out the boundaries everyday.  Full of energy she loves nothing more than a good walk or play with a squeaky toy, when she has neither of these she can be found pulling on the tail of Freddie hoping to get a reaction.

Finally we have Poppy. She is our border collie and working sheep dog.  She doesn’t get spoilt like the other two but she is a total softie beneath her crazy exterior.  As a trained sheep dog- when she decides that she wants to listen- she loves nothing more than rounding up the sheep and keeping all the animals at the farm in order. Freddie and Mavis are trying to learn the ropes from her and will often chase along behind, although Poppy loves the company she isn’t so keen on sharing her kennel.


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