Meet the Ducks!

Meet our two silver call ducks- Donald and Daisy!

Donald is our drake, boy duck, and Daisy is our female duck.


Donald is the one in the front of the shot above, with Daisy behind. Donald follows Daisy everywhere and protects her from anything he feels is a threat. The dogs have all been trained so they don’t attack them but if they get too close then Donald will give them a good telling off.  In the summer Donald’s neck becomes a beautiful mottled green and Daisy’s blue feathers- which you can just see above- become a real deep blue.

As the name Call ducks suggests- they call to each other. If they become separated, think they see a predator or just are generally on the move they will quack away to each other. It can be noisy at times but it’s no louder than a dogs bark and I find it rather cute.

Daisy lays one egg a day, they are smaller than chicken eggs, but a beautiful light blue. The yolk is bigger and they are a richer flavour, great for making cakes!

duck egg

I love the personality of our ducks, bold and curious, they make me smile every morning when I let them out and they quack their way straight to the pond.

I hope to expand our brood soon!


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