The Boys are back in town!

I get asked lots of questions about lambing, lambing is nearly finished for us but thought I would share a series of blogs as a beginners guide- starting with the boys!

Like all life, lambing is down to the work of the boys.

The boys- also known as Rams or Tups- are let out into the fields of ewes in October. We put three tups to every 100 ewes and they are left to do their job.

Each group of ewes has the tup put it at slightly different times to ensure that the expected birth dates are spreads out which allows us to manage the lambing.  It takes 5 months from conception to the birth of the lamb.

To ensure we know how many lambs we are expecting at around 2-3 months we have our ewes scanned. Just as with a human baby the scanner uses a camera on the tummy of the ewe to identify how many lambs she will be expecting.

We then spray a colour mark on the back of the ewes in accordance:

  • One lamb, we use a blue spot
  • Twins, we don’t mark up with any colour as they are the most common
  • Triplets we mark up as green
  • No lambs we mark up with a red spot- its important to note this does not mean the ewe is not pregnant, it could just be to early in the pregnancy for it to show on the scanner

Ideally we are looking for as many ewes to have twins as possible. The ewes have enough milk to raise two strong healthy lambs. After they have been scanned they are closely monitored and left out in the field until its time for lambing to begin.


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