Bee Lane

Over the back field of the farm is where you will find Uncle Tom and his Bee’s- or Bee lane as I like to call it.

He has about 15 bee hives in total of all shapes and sizes and I love the way they look. There is something so majestic about the higgelty piggelty nature of the bee hives- it reminds me of my favourite childrens book- Winnie the Pooh. I can just imagine Pooh bear trying to steal the honey from them.


It is his passion and spends a lot of time caring for the bee’s, going to conventions and trying to get the best possible yield of honey. He does it for a hobby and we often get to have a pot of honey if he hasn’t sold it all down the local boot sale.

This is a totally new area of knowledge for me, but its fascinating, their is so much to learn about Bee’s. I would say they are almost a science as there are so many contributing factors.

Forget the farming itself, there is a lot to be learnt here!

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