Ducklings on their way…

The brood expansion is under way, Daisy has been sitting on 6 eggs for three weeks now so I am eagerly awaiting to see how many successfully hatch out.

For ducks to breed you obviously need a Drake and a Duck. In the spring time as the drake starts to do his thing the duck will then begin to build a nest. The nest can be anything from a simple well in the mud to a straw bed, the main driver is safety, she will want to make a nest somewhere that feels safely tucked away from any predators.

Once she is happy with her nest, she will lay an egg in the nest everyday until she has between 6 and 8. When her nest is full she will then proceed to sit on the eggs for 28 days keeping them warm until they hatch out. She will come off the nest for food, water and a general stretch, as long as she feels they are safe.

Daisy has made her nest in the roosting box of their cage- perfect for us as we know she is safe and can lock them in at night. Originally she had made one in the mud under a fern, I had to keep taking the eggs so that she would re-nest somewhere else.

With Daisy sat on her eggs in their house, Donald can regularly be seen just bobbing around on the water alone. When you go near the house Daisy calls out and Donald like a knight in shining armour comes running up the ramp into the house to ward of any predators- it’s a lovely natural instinct to protect their young.

I believe we have about one more week to go so fingers crossed that we get some ducklings!!



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