The Guinea

I like animals large and small and here at the farm as well as cows and sheep I also have a pet guinea pig called Pip.

Pip is a long haired guinea pig who is about 3 years old now. I did have a second guinea pig called Squeak but unfortunately he passed away about 6 months ago. Guinea pigs are better in pairs as they prefer company but Pip is too old to introduce a new guinea pig.

Guinea pigs are a great pet for kids, as long you hold them regularly they become very tame, very friendly, have great character and will chat away to you. They just need a cage big enough for them to run around- Pip has a double story cage- I use the bottom for food and a chew toy and the top for a bed.

Guinea Pig Cage

I hold Pip everyday when I top up his water and food. He will run up and down squeaking for your attention when you walk past. I also have a metal run and in the summer he goes out in his run on the grass for a stretch.


They make a great easy pet and I would recommend them for any family starting out with animals. If you talk to them they will talk back- I think this is the charm of guinea pigs that drew me in. The more you talk to them the friendlier they become. Pip will squeak away for dandelions.

You can see Pip squeaking below as he tries to eat his dandelions, he is also chattering his teeth which is a warning sign from a guinea pig that means they are not happy- he wasn’t happy to be filmed!

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