Cow Release

Well the cows have been in all winter and the time has come to release them! The weather was particularly bad this year and combined with the date of our TB test it meant the cows were kept in a bit longer than normal.

In the winter we bring all of our cows inside. The wet weather and cold is the driver behind why we do this- mainly because there is a lack of fresh green grass for us to rotate them round, and thereby no food for them, secondly the cows will churn up a wet muddy field in a matter of days making massive ruts and ruining the ground.

The cows looking very dirty and eagerly waiting their release:

All ready to go out

When winter is over the cows can’t wait to get out, stretch their legs and graze the pastures of green lush grass. Having been delayed this year they were especially anxious and we were a bit concerned we would have some rowdy cows on our hands.

We past our TB testing and that meant it was all hands to the deck to let the cows out.   This year it was the first week in May. We have to load them up into our trailer and take them out roughly 10 – 12 cows at a time.

Once loaded we drive down to the field and it is simply a case of releasing the load into the field before going back to get the next. Every time we do this we have to make sure we know which cows we are moving and send off the corresponding paperwork. This keeps a record of which animal is where and keeps a track of all their movements.

They got off the trailer very gracefully and all looked happy to be in their new environment. It was only when the full herd arrived that they started to stretch their legs and began running around the field to check out their new home.

Happy Cows 🙂

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