Extra Space- Poly Tunnel

We needed extra space this lambing so I thought I would share a quick overview of our Poly Tunnel.

We did a lot of investigation into Poly Tunnels and decided it was the right move for us but new ones can be very expensive. In the end we actually purchased the metal frame second-hand last year from a farm that no longer required it. It was the perfect size for us and meant if we didn’t utilise it this year we could leave it to construct next year without worrying too much about the investment.


When we calculated the space needed for lambing- in the end we decided to put it up- better to have too much space than not enough.

We had some instructions and a pile of metal pieces- a bit like an Ikea item. It took my partner, his dad and granddad around 4 days to fully complete it which wasn’t bad at all. We ordered the plastic sheet separately and had to rope in some help from the farmers next door to fit it correctly and make sure there was no creases and it didn’t tear.



You can see from the above image that when the plastic sheet is on it forms a perfect roof- just as long as you don’t get any holes in it.


We put down a straw floor and put mesh wire round the edge of our tunnel to make it fit for lambing. We used it to hold bunches of ewes that where ready to lamb and also ended up putting a few pens up as we ran out in the barn.

In my opinion it is a cost-effective way to have extra space. The space is very versatile and can be adapted as needed- we used it throughout lambing and it is now housing our cade lambs in one end and farm equipment in the other.

If you are just starting out and don’t have the luxury of a barn I would highly recommend one. They come in all shapes and sizes, all prices and if like us you don’t like to spend too much money- look for a second-hand one, they do the job just as well!



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