Sheep Escape!

If we ever decide to have a lie in or a nice relaxing day, you can guarantee that is the day the sheep escape!

The majority of sheep spend all day in the field grazing and minding their own business.  Every group has that one rebel sheep though, normally one key ring leader with three or four key followers who work on their own.  They spend every minute from the moment you put them in a field to the moment you move them to the next trying to figure out how to escape!

Once they have figured a way out and made their move the rest just jump on the bandwagon and think why not. The impossibility is once they are out, no matter how much you block up the whole they have created they will always focus on that spot to escape again and again.


This video was last Saturday morning, mid fry up and tea we got the call. Wellies on and out the door with tea in hand. No electric fence is used in this field, it’s sheep fenced and hedgerows all the way round – so we are scratching our heads on the way to try to think of gaps they could have identified.

Sure enough there is a small hole in the hedgerow -now a massive hole- that every single sheep has squeezed its way through to get to the lush green pastures in the neighbouring field a week early.

They easily go back -again as sheep do- one leads the way and they all gradually follow but we are left with a rather large hole and sheep who know where to get out!

A regular occurrence for any sheep farmer!!






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