The day I became a farmer’s wife- part 1

On the 16th September- I officially became a farmer’s wife.

We were getting married in my local village before heading back to a farm field for a DIY rustic style wedding in a Tipi. We had organised everything ourselves and tried to do as much as possible to save some money as well as making everything more personal to us.  The farm had had a tidy up and Tom has put more effort into mowing the field than I have ever seen him put into anything else. With everything ready to go the Tipi went up on the Wednesday, giving us 3 days to decorate away. Myself, Tom and lots of family and friends help to decorate the Tipi and get everything ready. It was hard work but I really enjoyed adding those little touches that were personal to use.

The week up to the wedding was rain everyday so as you can’t change the weather I had some wellies ready- nothing was going to dampen my spirits.

On the morning of my wedding day, I woke up at my parents house with my maid of honour and at 6:15am the hair and makeup team arrived. I thought it was ridiculously early but with an entire bridal party to get through, the time soon flew by. My dad has always cooked a sunday breakfast for as long as I can remember, so to keep him busy he cooked bacon and sausage sandwiches (from the buthcers of course) for all the bridal party- it certainly set us up right for the day. I think I would have been starving if I hadnt had a good brekfast.

Meanwhile Tom got ready at the farm with his ushers, best man and my brother. There were a few final touches to be done in the Tipi and he had to direct the caterers and cake supplier so that helped keep him busy. When it was all ready they headed to the local pub for a pint before heading to the church.  You can see them below, all ready to go ad happy as ever!


With the morning flown by and me all ready in my dress the bridal party left for the church. My parents live round the corner from the church and the back of their house has a path that leads to the church- rather than a car- it had been a dream of mine since I was little to walk to church on my wedding day, so after a quick tearful moment with my dad we headed down the path.



The local village church is as beautiful as local churches come. With its beautiful arch way at the entrance, old stone walls around the yard and beautiful stain glass windows- it was always going to be my number one choice of wedding venue. We had the bells ringing as I arrived and got ready to walk down the aisle. There was something really heart warming about walking to my local church and getting married in the village I have loved for years.

My dads mom and dad passed away many years ago so I had a small locket on my bouquet, it was a beautiful way to have them with me on my special day but without adding further tears to the occasion.


Hymns complete, paperwork signed and sealed with a kiss- it was official, I was now a farmer’s wife. It was a beautiful ceremony, with a fantastic vicar. After lots of hugs and kisses, a round of family photos, it was through the confetti and back to the farm in our Discovery. Luckily the weather held out for the walk to the church, all the photos and just enough for us to get back to the farm- my wellies weren’t needed just yet!



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