Out n About- Nipper

As a first-time mum I found the most overwhelming thing to buy was a pram. I visited Mammas and Pappas, Kiddi Care and Mothercare looking at different makes and models. After several trips, pushing prams up and down, folding them, testing the brakes and hearing the various opinions of many sales people across the stores I have purchased two- The Silver Cross Wave and the Out n About Nipper.

Here I will focus on the Out n About Nipper.

The Silver Cross Wave was sold to me as the best all terrain pram- I give it its due it does us good on the countryside roads, however it is no all-terrain pram. Within two weeks of having my new-born there was a local agricultural show that we always attend. I naively packed up my pram and off I went- what a nightmare. Going off-road across the field bounced poor Henry all over the place. Pushing the heavy pram up the hill gave my arms a workout and when we got to the animal section the wheels got clogged with straw and s*$t. Not exactly a successful first countryside outing.

With none of our farmer friends having yet had children and all the other farmers we know being considerably older, I turned to the internet and my research began.

I came across the Out n About Nipper but there was no were to actually view it or test it out. Being reasonably priced I decided I had nothing to lose and ordered it- boy am I glad I did!

You can’t buy direct but the website shows all the different versions and models:


It enables you to search for a list of stockists and I purchased mine from John Lewis at the time.

I purchase the single V4 in black and it arrived within the week.

out n about nipper single

Putting it together was really easy- all of the wheels just clip in and out which I find useful as it means you can give them a bit of a rinse from time to time.

The seat itself lies in lots of positions- the actual seat has a cord on the back that you pull tighter to lift the seat into and upright position and then drop down for a lying down position. It means you can actually put the seat at many different angles if you so wish.

The fabric doesn’t feel flimsy, it’s strong and can easily be wiped clean. The only material that I think could do with improving in the handle bar cover. It is covered in basically a foam pipe that easily chips and rips.

It folds into two by unclicking a latch, it wasn’t not too hard once I had worked it out. Although it does fold in half it is still very bulky- we have a discovery so it’s no issue but if you had a small boot I think you would struggle.


The brake is a red peddle button on the back, just push down with your foot to engage and flick back up to set off. Again, very easy to work.

The tyres can puncture- mine have yet to do so, but I have bought a tube of inner tube slime that I keep in the car just encase.

The pram wouldn’t win any awards for prettiness but it does exactly what it meant to and I can’t fault the functionality.

Accessories- the main downside to this pram is you have to buy all the accessories separately. I ended up purchasing a rain cover, new-born insert and a basket for the underneath. I bought my accessories second-hand off eBay so they were cheap but if you were to buy them all brand new it would push the cost up. The new-born insert I purchased instead of a carrycot as I felt it would be better value for money, and it does appear to have been as he has grown out of it within two months. The rain cover I find you can’t really live without- especially having an outdoor lifestyle and living in Britain. Finally, the basket- it comes flat and you have to assemble it. It’s very flimsy and not very big but I do find it handy to throw the changing bag in.



  • Reasonable price
  • Good suspension
  • Sturdy solid pushchair
  • Several seat positions- including lying flat
  • Easy to manoeuvre even on rough ground


  • Tyres can get punctures
  • Bulky even when folded
  • It’s not the lightest
  • Cheap material on the handle
  • Small basket underneath that isn’t included


Since purchased I have used it in many rough fields, at countryside shows, bumpy country lanes and I can’t fault it. I would recommend this pram to anyone that lives an outdoor life and wants something sturdy to see them through.

I would give it 4 stars out of 5

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