Wellies of choice

Everyone knows the foot wear of choice for a farmer is the classic green welly! That being said there are so many makes, versions and colours available now a days.

During the summer we both wear boots but for the most part of the year in Britain we wear wellies so I thought I would share our preference.

The key things we look for are a sole that can last as wet feet is never good, and one that can keep your feet warm during the winter.  The sole to last sounds simple but constantly walking through cow muck can rot the material and being worn for such long periods of time puts great pressure on the base. My husband always wears two pairs of socks- one thin followed by one thick- but despite this finding a welly that keeps your feet warm when you’re trudging through frosty grass and snow is really difficult.

Firstly my husbands- he is a full-time farmer so his boots get much more wear than mine. His welly of choice is the Dunlop Purofort +


They are quite chunky wellies as you can see from the image but they are actually very lightweight.  His are in classic green- don’t think he would ever even consider another colour! The sole has thick grip detail as of yet- two years on- no holes have been made so we are really pleased. Although they do sell one, these aren’t the safety cap toe version- although great for safety they can be a lot heavier and less comfortable. They are lined with a wetsuit style material that keeps the warmth in but still lets them breath. Although I can’t say he always walks around with toasty feet in the winter, they are the best pair we have found to date! the calf height is good which prevents muck going over the top and they are very comfortable.  So far they have withstood chemicals, cow muck and constant wear.




They aren’t the cheapest wellies as my husband always likes to remind me- a typical farmer who doesn’t like to send any money- but they have lasted two years, being worn probably 200 days a year, normally 12 hour days and even longer during lambing, so for me when you break it down its great value!


Now onto my welly of choice, the Hunter Balmoral Neoprene



These wellies have a really chunky soul which raises you off the floor that tiny bit helping keep your toes warm, while providing very good grip.  The material is very thick and sturdy with a good calf height.  The souls have again lasted for tow years with no issues and currently no signs of wear either. The key to the warmth is the neoprene lining- like the wetsuit material it is a great insulator and definitely the warmest welly I have ever worn- unlike my husband I only wear one pair of socks! They have a loop on the back of to help you pull them off which is really handy when you have been traipsing through the yard in the winter, plus a side buckle to allow them to be made tighter if required. This particular version comes in navy or black and mine are the navy combination.



These are a lot cheaper than my husbands but still more pricey than your average welly. Value for money, I think they are brilliant and a great functional welly ideal for the winter.




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