Wedding decoration DIY- part 1

We had our wedding at the farm so it seemed only fitting to do a lot of the decoration ourself. From the table plan, to flower decorations, signs and the Tipi decoration, it was all hands on deck.  As we planned well in advance I used the summer to pull things together and then friends and family to help with the decoration in the run up to the wedding.

One of the first things I made was the signs. These are everywhere now and very popular- so easy to make and they look great.

I took an old pallet, some short pieces of wood and used chalk paint pens. I began by using the white pen to outline what I wanted to write and then it was simply a case of tracing and colouring it in.

Once I made our time of the day sign we actually had a timing change. To rectify it, I simply sanded off where I had painted, and then rewrote in the chalk pens. Once the whole thing was complete and I was sure there would be no more changes I varnished it, this helped to blend the wood that had been sanded with the rest of the pallet and you couldn’t tell there had ever been a change.


We just propped the pallet up some hay bales to give guests a rough idea of the timings – VOILA, simple yet effective! The other signs we attached to wooden stakes and put in the appropriate places- we had a smoking area sign, MR and MRS sign, parking sign, toilet sign and camping sign.



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