Mcmillan coffee morning

Every year, all over the country, people get together for a coffee morning in aid of Macmillan cancer support. We are members of a local farmer club and in aid of the charity a coffee morning was thrown at a local farm. I don’t think we will be braking any stereotypes any time soon – as boy can farmers wives bake!

The event was held in a farm that has a class room used for educating inner city children on the countryside.  It was a great space to host in as it had chairs, a kitchen and all the facilities required for such a morning.

As well brining cake donations- baked or bought- we had a Posh cake competition (in other words a show stopper competition). As I suppose you would expect farmers wives didn’t disappoint and there where loads of home-baked cakes: almond slices, scones, brownies, cupcake, kripsie cakes, lemon drizzle, victoria sponge, coffee and walnut, flapjack, whoopee pies and many more.


The posh cake competition had a variety of entries from Black Forest gateau, strawberry cream cake, a farm themed cake, a pumpkin cake and my own- a hazelnut and chocolate autumn decorated cake. The cakes where blindly judges on taste and appearance before being sold off as part of the coffee morning.

It makes me happy to say I came second, but sad to say the winner was my mom. Although happy for my mom, nobody wants to be beat by their mother! She made a spiced pumpkin latte flavoured cake decorated with pumpkins and a scarecrow.  It was very seasonal and different to all the other options there which is what I believe clinched the title for her.

The turn out was great, as well as the tea and cake we had a raffle and some Macmillan games.  Lovely to have a get together to raise money for such a good cause by simply doing something every enjoys- eating cake!




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