Wedding decoration DIY- part 2

As well as the signs I made several things for the tipi including- milk churn displays, confetti bucket, tipi decoration inside, table plans and a guest book.

Milk churn displays:

To make some displays around the tipi I cleaned up some old milk churns. Two of the farm fields are SSI (special scientific interest) and grow beautiful meadow flowers. These fields are always mowed for haylage and due to our wedding taking place in September, the flowers would have been cut by then. I decided to go down mid-flower and cut down a load of the flowers and grasses, I then spread them out in the sun to dry. Depending on where you live you could easily go out and get some wild flowers that you could use- just make sure you are allowed to cut them down first and take flowers from lots of different areas to ensure you don’t wipe out a particular species in one area.  As the milk churns where quite big I simply stuffed them with straw, you could use hay or polystyrene packaging to fill them up.  This ensure the flowers stay at the top of the churn and don’t fall down inside. If you are using fresh flowers you can do the same and then add water.  To finish I added the flowers with the taller grass at the back and the smaller flowers at the front, finishing with a bow made out of raffia.



Confetti bucket:

I used an old metal bucket for our confetti holder and just gave it a clean. I simply made a bow from raffia and hand stamped a sign on a piece of brown card. That was it- barely any cost, simple and to the point. In the big scheme of the day the confetti is lovely for a photo but when you have just been married you are on such a high, everyone can’t wait to congratulate you and the confetti bucket really is not a focus- something simple is all that’s required.



Tipi Decoration:

To decorate the Tipi inside I wanted a natural look so I used plants and leaves from across the field.  We collected oak leaves, thistles, sage and rosemary. Then we used twine to bunch them together and tie them round the tipi poles. we did this the day before the wedding so it would stay fresh- it was natural, free and the best part was it smelt amazing!








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