Wedding keepsake photo frames

After the wedding I found I had many little bits and bobs that I wanted to keep as memories but just putting them in a box at the bottom of a cupboard or in the loft seemed a waste. I got my craft brain on and decided to make two keepsake frames for our bedroom.

Some of the things I wanted to keep included my bouquet, my husbands button hole, the sugar craft figures of our cake that represented us and our dogs, some tags from presents on the eve of the wedding, my wedding invite and a few other bits and pieces.

To begin with I left my bouquet to dry out and measured the depth of both the bouquet and sugar figures from the cake to work out the deepest frame I required. I couldn’t find what I was after in any shop but I found on ebay some really deep frames- the ones I purchased where 3.75 inches deep.  This was the company I used: EBAY FRAME

The one frame I left as it was, in order to display my bouquet in, and the second frame I decided needed a shelf so that I could fit all the sugar craft figures in. For this I simply cut a bit of MDF to size and nail it in place through the edge of the frame.

Next I gathered all the other bits and bobs that I had gathered- an invite, some of the ribbon used, tags, my lucky sixpence, my garter etc.


Once everything was gathered together the easiest thing to do was to play around with the layouts. For the sugar pieces it was easiest to stand the frame up and arrange as it would be seen once hanging on the wall. For the bouquet frame I used the back of the frame to place items in various arrays until I was happy with the display.


Once I was happy I used a combination of Superglue, PVA glue and double sided foam pads to stick everything down. Things like the sugar craft animals just needed PVA, the invite needed something that wouldn’t soak through so I used the foam pads and the bouquet needed superglue due to the weight. I left them overnight to dry and then did a test to ensure everything was secure by standing them upright. Finally all that was left to do was put them in the frame and display on the wall.

They are a wonderful way to display my wedding keepsakes and they make me smile every time I see them!





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