Wedding decoration DIY- part 3

Every wedding I have been to has had a paper guest book, and I always think its such a shame when there are empty pages and only half the book gets filled.  As we weren’t having a big wedding I decided to do something different and made a wooden guest book that could be displayed afterwards.

I began by going to my local B&Q and buying a sheet of wood 90cm x 60cm by 1/2cm deep. I sanded the edges down as they where a bit sharp and then varnished the wood with two coats of Ronseal interior varnish. I used dark oak as I wanted quite a dark finish but you could use whatever colour was appropriate for your house, even a coloured paint.

Once varnished I let it to dry before experimenting with several pens to find the one that would work the best. I used a pencil to draw our names, date and some leaf detail. I then used liquid chalk pens to colour in- silver for the leaves, gold for the date and white for our names.


I displayed it at the wedding on a table next to our card collection box with white chalk pens for everyone to use, a test piece of wood to make sure there where no mistakes on the actual board and a sign.


When it was all complete I coated it with another layer of varnish and hung it on our bedroom wall as a momentum. We would never sit down and read through a guest book- or if we did it would only be once or twice- this way we get to read messages all the time.



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