Pampers Premium Protection

Pampers recently launched a new premium protection nappy claiming to have the softest comfort and unbeatable skin protection- it’s even backed by the British Skin Foundation- so what’s all the fuss about?

As part of the Pampers squad I was recently sent a goody box full of new Pampers premium nappies to test out- Henry was chuffed as he gets through his fair share!


They claim that their new premium protection nappies are the softest comfort with unbeatable skin protection.  They say the new nappies have a heart quilt design to lock away moisture, feathery soft materials, naval friendly cut and soft stretchy sides.  They also claim it has the best skin protection down to air channels that create up to 12 hours of breathable dryness.

So lets put it to the test!!


When my son was born I got many packs of nappies given to me in baby bundles and it was a great way to test out all the various options available on the market without actually having to fork out for them. Personally I have purchased the normal Pampers since day one as I felt it was a brand I could trust, and Aldi Mamia down to the price and sheer volume of nappies you get through! As these are the two brands I have been purchasing since day one I decided to test my Aldi option vs the new Pampers premium protection.

Lay side by side its obvious that the Aldi nappy has many more colours and patterns, it also has a slight sheen finish to the material in comparison to the Pampers. By just looking at the products the Pampers do look more natural which automatically has connotations that it would be a nicer material.

In terms of functionally they look very similar but the most noticeable difference is the heart quilts that line the nappy.  The Pampers premium on the right clearly has little lots of little holes in that they claim is designed to easily absorb any liquid fast. To the touch it makes it feel more of a cotton like material in comparison to the Aldi version which is slightly plastic.

Impressed with how it feels next I tested the absorption by pouring the same amount of water onto both, leaving for a couple of minutes and then pressing a piece of kitchen towel to soak up any moisture not absorbed. There is a clear difference in absorption levels- which I would put down to the pockets in the material. It was really eye opening to see the amount of liquid left as this is what your child is effectively sitting in throughout the day!


Henry decided to do his own test of softness and compare it to Freddie, the dog, as he just loves snuggling up to her- he certainly did think it was soft, as soft as a spaniel!


After completing the test at home and Henry wearing the nappies for a few days down the farm I must admit I was so impressed- I have never actually looked closely at a nappy before or truly thought about what it’s designed to do and how the design behind it could help.

The result:

The softness and absorption was truly unrivalled- it has a real cotton like material and the layered design does exactly as it is meant to.  The reality is if your baby has sensitive skin, nappy rash, an irritation or money is no object for your precious one then these are a must!

If like the average mom you are counting your pounds then I would definitely recommend ensuring you have a couple of these in the cupboard for when some irritation or nappy rash occurs and just mix them in with your normal nappy.


Well done Pampers- your premium protection nappy really does give premium protection!














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