Wedding decoration DIY- part 4

I have given most the details on the big day including lots of detail on many of the things I made. This final post covers the finishing touches from the table plan and table decorations to the gifts.

The table plan! I actually found this a really hard thing to decide on- being farmers everyone expects you to have sheep breeds or cow breeds, which is lovely, but I just felt we had enough farm elements within the weeding and the table plan should represent something more personal. We went through many ideas- and it was as we were sat having a cup of tea and a biscuit making wedding decisions that I decided we should do the humble BISCUITS!

We love cups of tea, and let’s be honest most of our cups of tea are accompanied by biscuits! our favourite biscuit is a chocolate hobnob so we decided that would be the biscuit to represent the top table. We then picked 7 other biscuits that we love to represent the other tables, we ended up with:

  • Chocolate Hobnob
  • Jammy Dodger
  • Bourbon
  • Party Ring
  • Ginger nut
  • Rich Tea
  • Custard Cream
  • Fruit Shortcake

To make the plan I got some biscuit imagery from online and printed them on cream paper. I then used the kraft card I used to make my wedding invites to print the table name and guest names, before sticking the two together. I printed a second copy of the biscuit and mounted onto smaller brown Kraft card to put on the corresponding table. To assemble we literally stuck three sticks into a hay bale, wrapped round some twine and pegged the cards to it. To finish it off we put some gyp around the bottom- nothing professional, slick or posh, but it did the job wonderfully at a fraction of the cost!


The table decoration was kept simple- very popular and I can see why are the round wood slices- cheap to make and they look so effective. We had one in the centre of each table, placed on top we had some church candle and jam jars with the left over herbs and gyp. To add some variance in colour we added a few tea lights and some party poppers.

The name places were made used Kraft tags which I stamped with everybody’s name- I bought an alphabet stamp kit of ebay and did them all by hand. The stamp kit cost about £10 and I have resold it afterwards for the same price so win win! The process itself is very time-consuming, especially if you are a bit of a perfectionist. I would recommend doing just ten an evening when your sat in front on the tele.



Just a few bits to mention that I particularly liked!

The cake table- this is actually a tea trolley, it was my nans and I always remember going round to their house, sitting in the conservatory and she would serve her tea on the trolley. It has a really special place in my heart so it was lovely to incorporate it as the cake table.

The ring box- this was a red tractor and trailer that was personalised with our names. the page boy looked very sweet carrying it, and it is now on display above our fireplace.

The wedding gifts- instead of traditional jewellery or hip flasks we bought everyone a personalised enamel mug. They where in each of their spaces at the table and following our theme of tea and biscuits hoped that they would have many more brews thanks to us. They went down a storm- especially with the other farmers as they now use them when working in the tractors because they don’t smash.

Although its taken me a while to pull it together, it has been lovely to write about our wedding day and I wish every other happy couple getting inspiration, looking for ideas or just having a read because why not- the most incredible day!

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