About Me


Firstly thanks for stopping by, everything you read and see is photos I have taken, knowledge I have picked up and in some way or another have been / are a genuine part of my life.

My life has been pretty normal thus far- bought up in a little countryside village, normal school and sixth form followed by university where I got a business degree. I then moved to London for a job and after a few years of partying and London life decided to move back home to be closer to my family.

It is upon moving back home that in my local pub I met a farmer, and my future husband to be.  Now instead of spending my weekends shopping or in a pub socialising, I find myself driving round sheep fields, cowing a calf or driving a quad bike whilst he puts up electric fencing, just so we can spend time together.

We will be tying the knot in September but I am afraid to say I will not become a ‘farmers wife’. When I think of the traditional farmers wife, I think of days filled with animals, baking cakes, cooking homely food and crafting decorations for the home.

Don’t get me wrong I do love to cook and bake, I love spending my spare time crafting, and I would just spend all day with animals if I could- but modern farming does not pay what it use to so I would like to class myself as a new breed of farmers wife. The MODERN farmers wife- the breed of farmers wife who have a full time job and spend our evenings and weekends squeezing in  all of the above. We spend our morning brushing the animal hair of our work clothes so we can try to look respectable, start work at 8 for no reason other than you have already been up since 6 and call in to pick up farm supplies on our way home.

This is my story and I hope you enjoy!