Wedding decoration DIY- part 4

I have given most the details on the big day including lots of detail on many of the things I made. This final post covers the finishing touches from the table plan and table decorations to the gifts. The table plan! I actually found this a really hard thing to decide on- being farmers everyone … Continue reading Wedding decoration DIY- part 4

Slow Cooker Dhansak- Meat Free

One of the things I have been trying to do is cut down on meat.  For no reason other than to get eating more veg and try out new recipes. This is a recipe I found and adapted so I could make it in the slow cooker! It can be made using just a few … Continue reading Slow Cooker Dhansak- Meat Free

The best baby present- casting kit

When Henry was born my aunty bought me a hand and foot casting kit. It was one of the best presents I received as it meant I could capture a memory of his tiny hands and feet in the comfort of our own home. Those first couple of weeks where a time when leaving the … Continue reading The best baby present- casting kit

Wedding decoration DIY- part 2

As well as the signs I made several things for the tipi including- milk churn displays, confetti bucket, tipi decoration inside, table plans and a guest book. Milk churn displays: To make some displays around the tipi I cleaned up some old milk churns. Two of the farm fields are SSI (special scientific interest) and grow … Continue reading Wedding decoration DIY- part 2